«A happy life exists» 

Anna is a former actress from Paris. Today she has found stillness and her tranquility as a private custom-made yoga teacher on the island of Ibiza.

Her first encounter with yoga took place in Paris before forming herself in India. Yoga was the savior and pain relief for her back pain, as it helped create muscular strength and power. Yoga brought her body into balance.

Her story with Ibiza goes back to 1997 and in 2012 she finally decided to settle down on the island with her two children. Her life has since then changed fundamentally. Anna discovered with Ibiza what it meant to feel alive, fortunate and happy, at a time when she was stressed out, rushing around, feeling the pressure of every tiny little detail in her life. Yoga offered her a sense of inner peace, harmony and clarity of mind.

With Avieta’s project be again, we find the same desire to create our own life with our own desires in the aim to live happily after. We all have in us a power to provide transformation, to change our lives in order to live in a natural state of joy.

Anna offers yoga classes in French & English, for beginners and intermediates. She teaches private classes for individuals as well as for groups and retreats.