Photo by Ana Lui Photography

Photo by Ana Lui Photography

«Self-belief is the key to life. Be the change you wish to see»

Belinda is Mid Life Mentor with over 20 years of professional experience in coaching, consulting, mentoring and healing people. Her aim is making positive changes in lives of her clients. She loves to read and is currently studying for a Master's Degree in Psychology. 

She followed her husband to Ibiza 7 years ago and built her own business as a passionate Mentor and Osteopath by offering a huge palette of tools in the domains of Counselling, Coaching, NLP and Energy Healing.

With her intuitive talent, she helps clients identify their blocks that are stopping them from moving forward in life. By using and adapting the best method, she allows them to step fully into their real authentic self.

What the concept of Avieta and be again offers is very similar to Belinda’s belief. Both want to help people to be happy and fulfilled with themselves.