be again


Be again what you want to be. Trust yourself.


Everyone of us is seeking for a balanced and happy life. But sometimes life puts you in a challenging situation where you lose your base and where you don't find your path anymore. All you want is becoming a happy person again who trusts it's intuition.

As a Chief Happiness Officer, my passion is simply to spread happiness and to motivate others in their individual life path. I offer guidance, support and motivation through 1:1 sessions in person or via Skype. 

 Skype Sessions:

Introduction Session

20 min, 25 €

 Happiness Sessions

60 min, 75 €

3x 60 min, 200 €

5x 60 min, 310 €

1:1 On-Site-Sessions in Ibiza and Zurich

(other destinations by request)

Introduction Session

30 min, 45€

 Happiness Sessions

60 min, 110 €

3x 60 min, 310 €

5x 60 min, 495 €

1:1 On-Site-Sessions for Retreats

Prices per request

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