«Be the best person you can, do what you love doing, treat yourself and everybody really well, have a smile and a positive outlook, and life will be amazing!» 

Max is creative, multicultural, a world traveller, interested in learning and fascinated about all the wonderful things, cultures, people and nature have to offer.

She has lived on the island now for the past 16 years and since her arrival in Ibiza life has been unfolding and flowing beautifully; a real renaissance. Max is a born artist. As a chef, she can express herself freely, from exciting dining, flavour dimensions, to territories of textures, cracker combinations and post-modern cuisine, she is considered as « Max the Ninja chef » of the island.

She uses the best products she can source; a mixture of things from her own urban garden, the garden her friend has planted for her kitchen, in the countryside and her local market. She believes in giving people not just great flavours, but great health through her food.

Max adores Avieta´s concept as they work on the same page and with common goals. It is the opportunity for people to enjoy, learn, spend time on oneself, see and discover the beautiful island, have some adventures and eat healthy.