«Beauty is seen and found in the imperfection»

Son of an artist and having lived in a social community surrounded by other artists in Israel, Nadir decided after his military service to travel around the world in search of a new life and unique paradise. He lived 11 years abroad before landing in California, where he studied industrial material and lived for a couple of years. 

Nadir is a man of nature and is attracted to “recycling" furniture. Renovating something and bringing it back to life is what delights him. He enjoys working with metal, wood and any other recycling material he finds on the island. In Ibiza, where nature is a true gift, he finds all the things he needs to be creative. His biggest dream is to renovate and transform once a ruin or an abandoned house to awake the forgotten.

Inventive, experimental, original, creative and resourceful, these are all adjectives, which describe Nadir’s world par excellence.

Both, Avieta with be again and Nadir with his restorations, have the desire to show what true life offers. When you are lost and feel you are distancing yourself from what you used to think you were, allow yourself to renew and transform. Live your life fully also with it's marks and imperfection. Choose to be unique.