Photo by Ana Lui Photography

Photo by Ana Lui Photography

«By walking, we move with freedom, solidity and practice silent meditation. We are confronted with ourselves and we learn to trust ourselves» 

Toby knows Ibiza at the tips of his fingers. Originally born on this island from hippie parents, he has at a young age been in connection with the nature. After many years spent in the stressful and city life of London, he decides to return to his roots in seek of a better, happier, less busy other-life and start doing things differently.

His business on the island with “Walking Ibiza” started 8 years ago, when taking his dog Cosmo for long walks through forests and coastlines of Ibiza. He renewed with memories of his childhood and walking became his hobby. 

His story is based on a life-changing experience, which became an incredible family business that provides people with totally different experiences of Ibiza, by foot.

In collaboration with be again, both Avieta and Toby wish to help people find peace within themselves. Walking meditation allows being more present in your body and in the present moment.