«By using hands to listen and feel the human body, a sense of touch is developed»

Virginia is from Ibiza, studied abroad before coming back to the island 10 years ago. She has dedicated herself for the past 20 years in Osteopathy and is Founder of Can Oliver, a Center for Osteopathy and Integral Health in Santa Gertrudis, Ibiza.

She listens to people’s bodies and uses osteopathic treatments, such as touch, physical manipulation, stretching and deep tissue massage. Also acupuncture, lymphatic drainage, energy work, vacuum therapy, bamboo or hot stones are one of many treatments she offers with her team.

Virginia’s work is deep. She gives attention to prevention. Her objective is to support people in order to get back to their inner source so that their body starts to heal itself.

Similarities with Avieta’s project be again is bringing people back to their real nature without any expectation. Simply allowing them to consider themselves with mind, body and soul.